Turned burrwood box with copper medallion of Wellington by Peter Rouw, c.1834

$345.00 AUD

Turned wooden box, the lid insert with a copper medallion with a profile of “ARTHUR DUKE OF WELLINGTON / MODELLED BY P. ROUW”
19th & 21st century

11.5cm W
medallion- signs of age inc. dents & wear. The box is a fine quality modern creation.

This is a thin copper pull from a die intended to be used in the casting of bronze medallions; it is signed by Peter Rouw the Younger (1771-1852), best known for his wax portraits of notables. There is a medallion with this exact inscription and profile, made to commemorate Wellington as chancellor of Oxford University, 1834.
Rouw competed with Wedgwood for customers by creating opaque white wax profiles that looked just like porcelain when framed; they were just as pricey at 10 guineas each – around $2500 today!




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