Victorian George Jones Majolica ‘Jester’ punchbowl, 1873

$9,500.00 AUD

Rare very large George Jones Majolica ‘Punch’ Punch Bowl, with large orangeskin textured vessel moulded with life-size holly, supported by a figure of ‘Punch’ sitting beneath the bowl with legs one side, conical hat the other, on a low leafy plinth, the whole glazed in naturalistic colours, the bowl a straw yellow with blue interior.

Incised ‘GJ’, registration mark for 1873,

various other inscribed marks & ‘3363’ model number.

Made 1873.

33cm at widest; 22.4cm high

Good condition, chip to the end of protruding boot restored, otherwise excellent.

This extraordinary ‘Punch Punch bowl’ was registered in 1873; this is also the year George Jones changed his mark to ‘& sons’ to reflect the inclusion of his sons in the business. This allows us to date the piece to the earlier part of 1873……

It was based on the popular ‘Punch’ character from the satyrical magazine of the same name, borrowed from the ‘Punch & Judy’ travelling shows, which in turn borrowed from the Commedia del’arte of 17th & 18th century European court entertainment fame. The holly leaves give a clue for the major use of such a magnificent bowl – in the centre of a magnificent Christmas table, it would be sure to set the scene for a splendid Christmas Party.




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