Vienna figure, a gent with a large pot, c. 1749


Rare early Vienna figure of a seated man, holding on his knee a large pot, painted with puce flower sprays, he in a pale yellow coat and with mottled orange breeches, seated on a rocky plinth with scattered flowers.
Rare impressed mark, used 1744-49, also I
Circa 1749


restoration to hands, enamels are slightly misfired in the kiln.


19cm high


ref. Sladek- Ceremonies-Feasts-Costumes, Viennese figures during the reign of Maria Theresia- p61 for a related figure with a jug, p63 for its write up. She mentions the origins being a Meissen figure (as is this one) and bears the earliest 1744-49 impressed mark, as does this one. The enamels are of a similar mottled effect, in particular tones only seen in the pre-1750 figures. Clearly they are related, and represent a small group of rare copies of Meissen figures for the table, possibly a single table setting. Many Vienna figures were copied from Meissen originals, but the post 1750 period leads to a majority of original, distinct designs, many by the hand of Ludwig von Lück and other sculptors with a distinct style far removed from the Meissen style. French sources become apparent, as the Vienna court strengthens its connection with the French court by the marriage of Marie Theresia's daughter, Marie Antoinette, to the future Louis XVI in 1770. The Meissen original by J.F. Eberlein, modeled in 1748, can be seen in Adams -Meissen Figures- p170, titled Pair of Gardners and dated 1748. This very precise date, combined with the usage of the impressed Vienna mark between 1744-49, allows us to date this figure precisely to 1748-9.

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