Worcester coffee pot & cover, painted with ‘Gillyflower’ underglaze, C.1775


Worcester fluted coffee pot, with high dome lid & flower knop, painted underglaze in the ‘Gillyflower’ pattern.

Circa 1775

Condition: several rim chips filled but not overpainted, otherwise good condition, terrific display piece.

25cm high



Worcester coffee pot & cover C. 1775

Fluted, with a sparrow beak, an ear shaped handle and with a flower knop on the cover, the milk pot is painted in under-glaze blue in the “Gillyflower” pattern with associated sprigs. “Gillyflower” is an old English name adapted from the French for a carnation and the pattern is of French derivation. It was a very popular pattern in the mid 1770s.
The baluster-shaped coffee pot has an applied ear-shaped handle with a large thumb rest that is more typical of an earlier period (see catalogue no.12). The domed cover has a flower knop. Although coffee cups were standard with most tea services, coffee pots were rarely included, particularlytoward the end of the 18th century.

English Private Collection

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