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Fresh Stock -3rd March

Webb Aesthetic gilt crane detail from a Vase at Moorabool Antiques

This week we have a lovely variety of Victorian Class & Ceramics.

Webb Butterfly on a vase at MOORABOOL ANTIQUES
A Webb Butterfly…

The stunning Aesthetic ivory-toned vase is a fine example of the ‘Japanesque’ taste that was the height of fashion in the 1870’s, and although unmarked, the quality leads us to attribute it to Webb. A butterfly to the back supports this – it was a favourite detail by their artists.

The Moore Brothers is a dramatic example, bearing an interesting variation of the mark that dates it to the first decade of production.

Among the boxes is a work-box with a large pin cushion to the lid. We have catalogued it as ‘Colonial’, as it is a British – type box – but the woods are remarkable – and unidentified – suggesting it may be from India, Sri Lanka, or somewhere similar.

In other news…. the NEW WEBSITE is almost ready – still a few kinks to iron out, but at last, it’s coming together and we can’t wait to share it with you.


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