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Fresh stock – it’s almost Valentines Day!

Welcome to our latest Fresh Stock Release. This coming week brings Valentines Day, and we start things with a fantastic early Victorian example of a fancy ‘Valentines Day Card’.

SPRAGG Victorian Valentines Day Card, c.1860
SPRAGG Victorian Valentines Day Card, c.1860

Victorian Valentines Day cards were sent anonymously and often carried no message to the recipient. They had emerged as a trend in the earliest Victorian period, and grew in popularity as the century advanced. Technology led to elaborate mass production utilising die cut embossed ‘paper lacework’, as seen in this example, and chromolithography printing allowing multiple bright colours. The ‘Penny Post’ introduction in the 1840’s was the crucial component in the rise of the printed cards, allowing an admirer anywhere to send a cord to someone. Records for cards sent for Valentines Day 1841 show 400,000 within the English postal service – and this number increased constantly every year. The poor postmen were given an extra allowance ‘for refreshments, to help them keep up their energy’ while doing cupid’s work! 

This remarkable large piece of English Majolica is the ultimate pottery rarity. It’s a Punch punchbowl – the figure balancing it on his belly is the character so familiar to Victorians as the character of the ‘Punch’ satyrical magazine. The bowl itself is like a giant orange, and the moulded holly around the edge reveals the intended usage for the bowl: Yuletide Cheer, sitting in the middle of a lavish Christmas table.

It was created by George Jones, famous for his quirky products. It bears the diamond registration mark for 1873, as well as the ‘GJ’ impressed initials of the proprietor. This is interesting, as 1873 is also the year George Jones included his sons in the business, changing the mark to ‘GJ & Sons’. This bowl must have been made in the initial part of 1873, before the change of the mark was implemented. It’s rare we can date something so precisely…..

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Fresh Finds for February……

Welcome to our first February stock release, full of interesting items.

There’s some furniture, including the superb miniature chest of drawers seen above: it’s an ‘apprentice’ piece, so-called as an apprentice could show their skills by producing a miniature masterpiece. This example is Australian, made from solid cedar, absolutely original and a prime piece of Australiana.

A cedar bed from the 1840’s originates in Tasmania, and has very heavy original ‘gumtree’ side rails and splats.

1905 Thonet Catalogue

There’s a fine quality English linen press, with a mark identifying the maker as C.J. Freeman – Furniture Manufactory – Norwich. The beautiful timber is carefully selected maple.

A couple of bentwood chairs are interesting, appearing in the 1905 Thonet catalogue.

Have a browse through our latest uploads….


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Australia Day Special

No matter what your opinion regarding the 26th January, those who live in Australia have a lot to celebrate.  The Ancient Past was when the first settlers came, over expanses of water, up to 60,000 years ago.  Isolated, they developed their own unique culture which is now rightfully called ‘the oldest continual culture on earth’.  Their ability to sustain themselves in the often harsh Australian landscapes can only be admired …. 

When the next phase of settlers came, the Europeans, they died of thirst and hunger, in places where the Aboriginal ‘First Nation’ peoples were perfectly at home.

The inevitable influx of fortune-seeking Europeans from the initial First Fleet of 1788 spread across the land, and formed another unique culture: Australian.  While initially English, there were large numbers of Scots and Irish settlers, seeking to escape the harsh social realities in their homelands. Soon, people from all corners of the globe were arriving, drawn by the potential for success and safety Australia’s fledgling nation offered. After the World Wars of the 20th century, and other humanitarian crisis which resulted in refugee influxes, Australia welcomed more & more diversity to its shores. 

Surveyors planning a railway in Queensland, circa 1890

The result of this is Australia as we see it today:  Original ancient Aboriginal culture, with British social stability and institutions, enhanced by Greeks, Italians, Germans, Scandinavians, and Asian arrivals, each with their own cultural background to add to the mix.  Australians are no longer exclusively any of these cultures – especially after a generation or two of children have grown up in this ‘new’ culture.  

Rather, Australia is a splendid mix of ‘people of the world’ – hopefully the best aspects of each culture. 

So let’s not get bogged down in invasions, or cultural clashes – Australian culture dictates everyone has a fair chance. Say G’day, and celebrate us for what we are – and dream of what we could be – 

Happy Australian Day !

Fresh Australiana

Coming Soon…. more Australiana.

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Fresh Stock including fine Ceramics, Silver, and Artworks

Welcome to our latest Fresh Stock release.

Chamberlain's Worcester jug, c. 1820
Chamberlain’s Worcester jug, c. 1820

This week, we have a splendid selection of ceramics, including 18th & early 19th century pieces from a local gentleman’s collection – all sourced from Moorabool over the past 60 years….. he recalls buying his first piece off John Rosenberg in 1965!

Many of these pieces may be familiar to regular customers, and feature in some of our printed catalogues for the Exhibitions we held in our Geelong premises in the past: now they’re back in stock, and looking for a new ‘custodian’ to enjoy and care for them.

Meissen sweetmeat basket with birds, c. 1755
Meissen sweetmeat basket with birds, c. 1755

There’s a number of early pieces of European porcelain.

You can’t beat the quality of these extraordinarily rare Meissen chocolate cups. They literally ‘walked in’ to our shop from a local house where they have been sitting for many years, with the family tradition being they came to Australia in the 19th century. We believe they are from a unique dèjeuner set, the tray which held them being in the Museum collection in Munich.
They are Meissen, made in around 1775, and the distinct style of painting belongs to a known artist: Johann Georg Loehnig. Active at Meissen from around 1770, he was regarded as one of their best artists, and given the prestigious commissions. They are extraordinarily rare, and possibly relate to a single service, the main tray which held them being in the Museum at Munich.
Who could such magnificent cups have been for?

Rare Meissen beakers in the Sèvres style, by Johann Georg Loehnig, c.1775
Rare Meissen beakers in the Sèvres style, by Johann Georg Loehnig, c.1775

Fine Antique Ceramics

Fresh to Stock


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First Fresh Stock release for 2024

Welcome to our first Fresh Stock for 2024. We have a fine selection of interesting items for you to browse, including Sterling, Old Sheffield Plate, Australian Pottery, and a whole range of ‘Green’ ceramics…..

The exceptional piece this time is a plate, which bears an original Exhibition label from 1876. With the place it was exhibited, and the name of the artist, we were able to discover a fascinating ‘back-story’ – with close links to Charles Dickens and an Australian High Court judge from 100 years ago…..

Ellen Ross ‘china painting “HOWELL & JAMES” of Regent Street, exhibition label 1876


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Merry Christmas! – the Last Fresh Stock for 2023

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

… and this is our last ‘Fresh Stock’ for 2023. It’s been quite a year, with an amazing number of items being added to, and many finding new homes in collections all around the world.

Thank-You very much!

Late in 2023, we recieved the amazing collection of a local good customer to sell. He recalls his first purchase from a young John Rosenberg in 1964; since then, he has been a regular customer ‘through the decades’, and having never sold anything, has compiled quite a large collection!

Close-up of the amusing knop on the Rogers ‘Zebra Pattern’ supper dish below: a bemused lion!

Today you will see a selection of his blue & white on offer, and some delightful Creamwares. These were the smaller aspects of his collection; most of it is highly decorative English ceramics from the first half of the 19th century, including Worcester, Derby, Minton, Swansea, Davenport, Spode…. basically an Illustrated Encyclopaedia of British Ceramics!

Fresh to Stock: a Willow Pattern Christmas Tree!

So far we have catalogued 300 pieces: there is on estimation five times that to go, so that is quite probably approaching 2,000 pieces! Naturally to do our comprehensive identification and descriptive cataloguing we are known for takes time per piece…. so it will be a gradual release throughout 2024, in groups of similar items, periods, makers etc. Keep an eye out for our upcoming ‘Curated Collections’.

Moorabool would like to wish all our valued browsers the absolute best for this Christmas, and a Healthy & Happy New Year.
2024 will be the most exciting one in memory for Moorabool!

Paul & Glenys Rosenberg,
Moorabool Antiques, Geelong, Australia

Freshest Stock…

12 Antique Days of Christmas promo

We have a unique 12-days of ANTIQUE Christmas for you to enjoy…. featuring items sourced from our stock!

There’s a number of fun themes, always ending with the ‘Peacock in a Topiary’ .
But what could the 12th day be….? pop back in Christmas Day to see!

>> Visit >>

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Fine Fresh Stock


It’s almost Christmas!

The last chance to post is fast approaching (if we use express, this Wednesday!), and we have more than ever to tempt you with….

You’ll find some Fresh Furniture, a group of Australian Art, Paris Porcelains, Sterling Silver, Fantastic Fossils….

There’s a huge variety!

And we can always send it now for delivery in the New Year…….

Christmas Feature

See our ’12 Days of ANTIQUE Christmas’ …. to be sung to the well-known tune, we have a progressive feature for you to enjoy.

Pop back to see the daily update, from 1 to 12 rather interesting Antique Gifts! Can you imagine what ’12’ might be?

Visit >

Fresh Stock

Fresh Art

A collection of 20th century Australian Art is Fresh today, purchased in the 1970’s. Interestingly, this is the very beginning of several of these artist’s careers, making them scarcer ‘early examples’- even if only 50 years old!

Fresh Silver

Fresh Fossils

Millions of years, for a few dollars….

Featured Collections

We have some additions to our Featured Focus pages, showing you collections of items that may be of interest….
Chose one below & have a browse!

Fossils - at Moorabool Antiques, Geelong
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Fresh Stock: Staffordshire Figures, Chinese Pottery, plus more!

We have an amazing selection for your browsing pleasure today.

First, some lovely mysteries….
This group of beautiful little figures of children are all not in the books…. all of mysterious origin. We have a few educated guesses, but there is no definite attribution for any….. yet.
The pair of children with dogs are particularly interesting; they are recognisable as the ‘Royal Children’, The Prince of Wales & the Princess Royal. They were popular items in the 1830’s, made by quite a few different porcelain – and Staffordshire Pottery – manufacturers. This pair, however, are superior to every other example, and must be by one of the high-quality factories.

Fresh Pottery

Dick Turpin on Black Bess
Dick Turpin on Black Bess

There’s a great selection of Fresh Staffordshire to explore, with all sorts of characters lurking….

Asian additions

Gift Certificates

Can’t decide? Let them choose! Gift Vouchers are the perfect present for anyone who loves Antiques…

$50 – $100 – $200 amounts available.

We can provide you with a physical copy – or a document you can print yourself – or attach to an email. It’s then simply a matter of presenting this document when you make a purchase.


We’re ready to post your items to you, and Australians still have time to get it to you before Christmas…..

Christmas Postage Deadlines

Australian Post items:
WA -15th Dec
NT 14th Dec
VIC, NSW & QLD 18th Dec

International – last week of November – 1st week December.

We have some excellent ideas for presents – there’s a page here on our website >> –
or have a browse through the Fresh Stock uploads below for inspiration.

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Fresh Stock, including Australiana, Antiquities, and Sterling Silver

This last week of November is the perfect time to start thinking about Presents….. and we have a few ideas.

We have a series of ideas for presents – there’s a page here on our website
or have a browse through the Fresh Stock uploads below for inspiration.

Fresh @ Moorabool

Fresh Antiquities

Fresh Australiana

Sterling Silver

Asian Antiques

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Fresh Stock – Derby Figures, Staffordshire Poodles, Artworks + more

Welcome to our latest ‘Fresh Stock’ release.

It’s a terrific variety of fine pieces this week. There’s lots more to come in the next few weeks also…. just in time for Christmas!

How much is that doggy in the window….? The two rare mini-dogs are in today’s Fresh Stock, the others already in stock. Quite a pack of poodles!

NewArtists in Stock‘ Page

Artists In Stock
Artists In Stock

NEW! Introducing our New Page, ‘Artists in Stock’. Here you can browse through an alphabetical listing of Artists, grouped by Period & Country, to find any of interest. Clicking their name will bring up all works by that artist.

<- click the image to go to the page

Christmas is Coming…..

The year is nearly over, and that means it’s time to think about Christmas.
At Moorabool, we have a vast selection of potential Christmas Presents for you to browse……

Why not get in early and let us post them to you?

Our cut-off dates for Australian Post items is:
WA -15th Dec
NT 14th Dec
VIC, NSW & QLD 18th Dec

International – last week of November – 1st week December.