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Fresh Stock – Stunning Glass, Derby Figures, Chamberlains Deskset, Asian, and more…

In this Fresh Stock, there’s a range of gorgeous Georgian & Victorian ‘Crystal’ – all very usable – and some stunning cameo cut pieces, with ruby examples from Bohemia, a remarkable mounted Moonflask from Reed & Barton, USA, and a very recent Australian piece by the late Anne Dybka with an Aboriginal Dreamtime tale illustrated.

Stained Glass panel by van Vlodrop

Stained Glass Panel by Van Vlodrop, 1960's
Stained Glass Panel by Van Vlodrop, 1960's

This large & colourful stained glass panel is mid-20th century – but by an artist who was trained in the Medieval art form. Frans Van Vlodrop was born in The Netherlands, but set up his studio in Dessel, Belgium. Surrounded by Medieval masterpieces of stained-glass art, he produced pieces that are based on the 16th-17th century, but with a definite ‘midcentury’ look – particularly in the way he did his faces.

Darte Frères Paris Porcelain ‘Seashell’ plate, c. 1820

Darté seashell plate

This dramatic plate is a splendid example of the best Paris Porcelain, produced in the early 19th century.

It seems to be from a single dispersed service, each piece with a different group of shells on seaweed, with different insects. They all share the detailed gold borders on mazarine blue grounds, and most have the red-stamped ‘Darte’ mark which this example lacks.

This is the Paris factory formed by three brothers in 1795, well respected for stunning quality products in the early 19th century Napoleonic & later era. The combination of seaweed, shells, and insects seems to be unique.

18th Century Derby Figures

18th century Derby Porcelain Figures at Moorabool Antiques, Australia
18th century Derby Porcelain Figures at Moorabool Antiques, Australia

A Derby figure known as the ‘Grape Seller’ belongs to the earlier period of production, circa 1756-59. Due to the very pale colour palette used, it is known as the ‘Pale Family’.

The second figure is a delightful version of the ‘Tythe Pig’ group. This depicts a popular poem of the Georgian era – where the village vicar comes to take his tythe- a portion of the farmer’s production – and the farmer’s wife offers him a screaming baby, one-tenth of her brood – he promptly takes flight!

Rare Chamberlain’s Worcester Deskset with ‘View of Malvern’

Chamberlain's Worcester Inkstand c.1830
Chamberlain’s Worcester Inkstand c.1830

A dramatic Chamberlain’s Worcester desk accessary for the early 19th century writer. It has capacity for two different inks, and the central chamberstick is there to melt your sealing-wax stick – which can be stored in the deep cylinder beneath, revealed when it is taken off the stand to use. It also has its original candle snuffer, for when you have finished.

This makes it a remarkable rarity – while a few forms of desk sets are in the literature, no comparable example to this could be found, especially with the original fittings.

What makes this piece particularly charming is the scene painted along the pen-stand; it’s a panoramic view of Malvern, showing the town amongst rolling hills, complete with a flock of very white sheep.

The surprise is when you carefully peer underneath; the red script ‘Chamberlain’s Worcester’ mark is set on a space in the marbled affect that completely covers the underside – very unusual!

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Fresh Cutlery

Christofle Spatours Pattern Cutlery at Moorabool Antiques, Geelong

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