Ancient Israelite pottery amphora, Tel Hazor, 9th century BC


Early Israelite pottery amphora vessel, with short flared neck, angular shoulder, and pointed base.
Reportedly from Tel Hazor, Upper Galilee, Israel.
Circa 9th century BC.

Old collection label: ‘Israelite Vessel / Provence of Hazor / I Millenium BC’

15cm high, 14cm wide

Provenance: from an Old Australian Collection, Melbourne, put together mid-20th century.

Tel Hazor was the largest fortified city in the region during the 9th century BC, well mentioned in the Bible. Josh. 11.10 calls it ‘the head of all those kingdoms’. It flourished under the Israelites during the time of King Solomon, being a trade hub with the neighbouring kingdoms. The Assyrians swept through the region in the 8th century BC, and when the city rebelled agains occupation, they burnt it to the ground in 732 BC.
The dig there in the 1950’s was the most important undertaken by the early Israel State, and they sure had a lot to choose from – the Tel Hazor city site is around 200 acres! In 2005 it was declared a UNESCO site of World Heritage.




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