Iron Age pottery red slip bowl, Canaanite , from Tel Lachish, Israel, c. 1550 BC


Terracotta bowl of simple form, with slightly swelling waist and rounded base, well potted in a distinct red clay.
Reputedly from Tel Lachish, central Israel,
Circa 1550 BC

14cm wide, 10cm high

good condition with signs of burial.

Provenance: from an Old Australian Collection, Melbourne, put together mid-20th century.

Old collection label stating ‘214 CANAANITE BOWL / (ISRAEL) / PROVENCE OF LACHISH / II MILLENIUM BC’

Tel Lachish is an important archaeological site between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea. In the Kingdom of Ancient Judah (8th century BC) it was the second most important city after Jerusalem. The famous ‘Lachish Letters’, discovered in 1935 excavations, are important early documents written on large pottery shards, being a series of letters to and from a military official. They have been dated to the reign of King Zedekiah, shortly before the city fell to the Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar II in 588 BC. This bowl is much earlier, dating to the Canaanite city on the site 1,000 years earlier.




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