Bow coffee can, Peony & Rock in ‘soft’ colourings, c. 1750-53

$580.00 AUD

Interesting early Bow coffee can, of heavily potted straight-sided form, painted in a soft ‘famille rose’ palette with an Oriental ‘Rock & Peony’ pattern, beneath a lattice & flowerhead border, the colours limited to black, green, blue, rose-pink, and a distinct turquoise tone,  with an unglazed base, pale greenish translucency.

Circa 1750-53

5.5cm high, rim 5.2cm

Good condition with some light glaze scratches evident, enamels good, interior showing signs of lots of stiring…. glaze worn inside base.

ref. ‘A Treasury of Bow’ Ceramics & Glass Circle of Australia 2000 no. 35 for a bowl with this distinct ‘pale palette’ including the distinct turquoise, and no gold. The wares decorated like this are all of a similar earlier period. It is interesting to speculate their origin; quite possibly, the pieces were sold in the white from the Bow factory, and decorated in one of the many small decorating studios in London, such as the well-documented James Giles studio.




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