Caughley plate, rare Chamberlains decoration in the Sevres style, c.1792

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Rare Caughley plate, of lobed form, probably decorated by Chamberlain in Worcester in the French style with a central rose flanked by three buds and three turquoise leaves, the rim with an elegant wide border of enamelled scrolling foliage, v-shape gilt reserves of scale and hatching, and a turquoise & gilt bellflower garland between gold line rims.


circa 1792.


Good condition with minor signs of age, gold & enamels excellent. The reverse with some kiln speckling.


minor wear, original kiln speckling




ref. Godden -Caughley & Worcester Porcelains- p207 for examples of this type, where he suggests they are decorated by Chamberlain- or one of the London workshops. In the text, he discounts Giles as a possibility (although he seems to have done a small amount of Caughley) and also Baxter (too late to be a customer), leaving Chamberlains as the likely contender. In his book on Chamberlains Worcester, Godden spends a long time describing the important relationship between Chamberlain, and Turner of Caughley. The first firm date is 1789, with an invoice detailing Chamberlain receiving goods from Turner. These were often underglaze blue printed wares, which Chamberlain embellished with gold and returned; as Godden remarks, it was almost as if Turner did not have the ability to enamel or gild at Caughley, and relied on Chamberlain for this essential feature. Chamberlain was purchasing for his own retail business, and the records show a large quantity as stock-at-hand in Worcester. A letter on September 4th, 1789 ends '.....please send no more white seconds until further orders as at present we really want room to put them.' ! This plate is a second, as it has an area that missed being glazed to the underside rim and a central firing flaw. An interesting service is illustrated on p50, the Marquess of Donegal service. This was a harlequin service, as the order states: '60 dessert plates..... make all different designs'. These plates are the same shape as the example being discussed, and the design is very much in the same manner.

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