Chamberlain Worcester plate c.1835 Jabberwocky pattern


Chamberlain Worcester plate c.1835

Diameter: 25 cm

Australian Private Collection
Reference: Godden, G.A. “Chamberlain-Worcester Porcelain 1788-1852” pp. 342 and 359 (reference pattern numbers)

Attributed to Chamberlain’s, the plate is painted in the Kakiemon style with a dragon and central flowers with blue, gilt and floral borders. This is now referred to as the “Jabberwocky” pattern. The pattern number appears to be 4141 or if inverted 1717. Both numbers have issues, because according to Godden, 4141 was never issued with pattern numbers jumping from 4099 to 5000. The description of pattern 1717 doesn’t match either, but dragons occur in a number of patterns just after this number. No reference can be found to the impressed “2” mark, but it is large in size and could perhaps refer to the shape. At the Melbourne Antique Fair, 2015, the author handled a plate of the same shape and decoration bearing an impressed “2” mark and also the Chamberlain back-stamp.





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