Duchesse de Lorraine, Élisabeth Charlotte d’Orléans, engraving by Antoine Trouvain, c.1700

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Interesting early copper plate engraving of a stylish seated lady, titled
“Madame la Duchesse de Lorraine”

engraved below “Chez Trouvain, rue St Jacques au grand Monarque  avec privil”

Circa 1700

Plate 112x168mm

Frame  21.3 x 16.5cm
great condition, well framed

This print represents Élisabeth Charlotte d’Orléans, born at Saint Cloud in 1676, 3rd child of Monsieur, Duc d’Orleans, and was Madame Royal, the highest status Royal female in France, until her marriage in 1698. She married Leopold, Duke of Lorraine, son of Charles V of Lorraine. This was in fact a political move, to bring together factions that were in conflict; while it was expected to fail, or be unhappy, the opposite occurred; the couple were happily married and had 15 children, 5 surviving into adulthood. When he died in 1729, she was core gent for her eldest son, Francis Stephen. He married Maria Theresa, heir to the Hapsburg realms, who was to become Empress of Austria; he was to become Holy Roman Emperor, Archduke of Austria, and Duke of Lorraine. 

There were multiple images of Eleonore of Austria issued by Antoine Trouvain (1656-1708) in the latter 17th/ earlier 18th century. He was contemporary with the Bonnart brothers, his premises located on the same street, Rue St Jacques.





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