Engraving of Monseigneur, le Duc de Berry, by Nicolas Bonnart c.1695

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Engraving of Monseigneur, le Duc de Berry, titled

“Monseigneur le Duc de Berry”

Engraved below “Chez N.Bonnart, rue St jacques, a l’aigle, avec pruil”

Circa 1695

21.3 x 16.5cm
great condition, minor signs of age,  well framed


Monseigneur, le Duc de Berry was born at Versailles in 1686, the youngest son of Louis, the Dauphin of France, and the grandson of Louis XIV. While he was named ‘Duke of Berry’ when born, and held the title until his death, he never received the Duchy itself – just the title. He married in 1710, but the resulting children all died; he died from injuries sustained while hunting in 1714.

Nicholas Bonnart (c.1637-1718) was part of an artistic family at the centre of the French printing scene in later 17th/ 18th century France. He was the son of Henri, with brother Henri and Jean-Baptiste, and had a son, Nicholas II, all involved in printing & engraving. His widow & son kept the firm going after his death, until 1727.




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