Early crinoid fossil specimen, ‘Iscrinus suberassur’ Ordovician USA  


Fossil Crinoid cluster in limestone matrix,

labeled “Iscrinus suberassur

showing multiple stems & arms, preserved both sides of the matrix.

Ordovician period,

450 Million Years.

prob. USA origin.


From an old University Collection, with inscribed ink labels.

This very early specimen shows the beginnings of the Crinoid development, which went on for the next 450 million years. Today we call them ‘Sea Lillies’, related to starfish. This specimen is simple, with a broad stem, slender head and multiple fine arms preserved.

The all ached old University collection label ‘Iscrinus suberassur / Ordovician’ is a species not in the literature, meaning it is probably re-named in the present.





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