John Allcot oil on board, Clippership ‘BRILLIANT’, artists gift 1966

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John Allcot (1888-1973)

Clippership ‘BRILLIANT’,

depicting the 3-masted full-rigged ship in slightly rough seas, several birds following behind.

oil on artist’s board,  in original traditional gilt frame,

artists’s gift in 1966,  inscribed on the back “To David Xmas 1966 / All good Mucker (?) / JOHN ALLCOT”



Good condition with slight signs of age



Built in 1877 in Aberdeen, by J Duthie and Sons, the ‘Brilliant’ was a regular clipper on the Australia-England run until it was sold to an Italian firm in 1905.
It was finally broken up at Genoa c. 1920.

John Charles Allcot (1888-1973) was Liverpool-born, coming to Australia in 1909. The son of a mariner, he grew up with tales of the ‘Age of Sail’ direct from his sailor father. He was apprenticed to a Lithographer when 14, but fiver years later he headed to Sydney, where he remained. He signed up for the clipper ship ‘Antiope’, and spent the next few years in the castle & inter-colonial shipping trade. In 1912, he left the sea behind and found work as an artist, painting theatre sets at first but gradually obtaining respect for his knowledge of the sea, His works are described as ‘sentimental’, and it is clear he loved the Age of Sail, and was witness to its rapid decline in the first two decades of the 20th century as the last of the windjammers were retired and scrapped.
He is represented in most state galleries around Australia, including the Powerhouse & the National Maritime Museum in Sydney, where he lived & painted. His work has reached international recognition in the nautical art world.

His paintings in oil and watercolour are mostly marine, but also include landscapes and still-life works.




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