Pair of Baxter Prints, ‘News from Australia’ , ‘News from Home’ , 1853-4

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Pair of Baxter Prints, ‘News from Australia’ and ‘News from Home’ , 

the English scene with cottage fireside scene, where a letter is being excitedly red by a cobbler’s young daughter, the coppler with a £100 cheque that has come from the wealthy Australian migrant with the letter, a poster on the wall advertising ‘EMIGRATION to AUSTRALIA on the SHIP HOPE’ ; 

the Australian scene with three white migrants and two aboriginal natives in a makeshift hut, one reading a letter from home, a reclining well-dressed man in the background reading a newspaper featuring the ‘GREAT EXHIBITION’ of 1851, with various settler’s equipment piled everywhere, a white cockatoo on a ring suspended form the ceiling and a group of hunting dogs through the open door, their ‘kills’ piled inside ready for butchering & dinner. 

Printed 1853-4


Very good condition with colour still bright, well framed recently. 


Size: frame 36.5×51.5cm, each work visible 10.5x15cm

The back with a photocopy of the works from a book, with captions. 




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