Parian figure group, ‘Little Nell and her Grandfather’, after Brodie, attr. Copeland c.1860

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Parian figure group, titled ‘Little Nell and her Grandfather’, from Dickens ‘Old Curiosity Shop’, depicting a scene from the story where Little Nell’s grandfather brings out a box of puppets, with Punch & Judy and other characters on the ground, one in Nell’s hands, set on an oval grassy base and high moulded plinth with title impressed.

Modelled after an 1850 original by William Brodie (1815-81) for the 1851 ‘Great Exhibition’,


circa 1860

base 21x16cm, 18.5cm high

Condition: in excellent condition with no sign of any damages.  A few dark kiln specks to the very top of his hat.

Many of the Scottish sculptor Brodie’s works were reproduced in Parian by Copeland, ie his 1853 ‘Corina, the lyric muse’ was produced at Copeland in 1857.

This work is probably an unrecorded Copeland product, one of the early translations of Brodie’s sculptural works into the ‘Parian’ ceramic body that imitated marble so well.

The present whereabouts of the original 1850 Great Exhibition ‘Little Nell’ sculpture is listed as ‘unknown’. This group is a fine indication of how charming it is if ever found.





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