Worcester ‘King of Prussia’ mug, large size, 1761

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Worcester ‘King of Prussia’ mug, the 1 pint (large size) with straight sides, printed in black with the finely detailed ‘King of Prussia 1757’ print, the opposite with a Victorious Angel flying with twin trumpets, the front with a trophy including gun and cannon, a shield and three banners bearing the names of battles Frederick had fought, signed lower left RH – Worcester .


14.5cm high, excellent condition


This handsome chap is Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, and bears the date 1757 – the year he had a series of brilliant victories – and a few ‘strategic losses’- as he fought half of Europe alone except for his ally England. He was so popular Walpole wrote in 1758

‘All England kept his birthday….  and the people, I believe, think that Prussia is part of Old England!’         

   Worcester rushed these souvenir products into production using their latest hi-tech investment: the new-fangled method of printing onto porcelain. Robert Hancock was the key person in the development of this modern technique, and this mug bears his signature beneath the portrait. There is something missing from this one that is found on other examples – the rebus of an anchor, symbolising Richard Holdship, the Worcester Director of the printing department, who left in 1760. When we consider the withdrawal of Britain from the alliance with Frederick in 1761 – and therefore the instant drop in demand for his image- it allows us to date this piece very precisely to 1761.         

It’s the largest size tankard.






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