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Fresh Stock – Ceramics, Art, and…. Batons!

It’s an eclectic mix today, with a fine selection of diverse items to browse.

There’s some fascinating ‘Local Music History’ items, in particular conductor’s batons.
The first is a presentation piece, made in Melbourne and still in its original box, with a lengthy inscription explaining its significance: given to Professor Hardeman in 1897 by the Richmond Amateur Orchestra. This opens up some fascinating research, where we found an 1897 newspaper description of the event which describes the exact baton in great detail!

1897 Australian Silver mounted conductor's baton, Hardeman, Richmond Orchestra

The second is a simpler form, presented to E. Sage by the St Johns Presbyterian Choir, Ballarat. This interesting piece has a moonstone set in the end, and would have been made by a local jeweller.

As well, there are some other batons of a similar period – very useful for anyone considering a career in amateur (or professional) orchestra!

Antique Conductor's Batons - Moorabool Antiques Geelong
Antique Conductor’s Batons
Moor of Moor Hall, c. 1740

This illustrated piece of music was printed in London in 1740.
It’s from a ‘Burlesque Opera’  first performed in 1737,  ‘The Dragon of Wantley‘.

It contains the line: “He’s a Man every inch I assure you, stout vig’rous active & Tall…” !

While on the surface it’s a comic tale for entertainment, the lyurics are open to interpretation – the Dragon perhaps representing the excesses of a corrupt government, and Moore the hero who defends the common people…. a theme still very active in today’s politics and pop-culture….

Fresh Art

Fresh Stock

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