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Australia Day Special

No matter what your opinion regarding the 26th January, those who live in Australia have a lot to celebrate.  The Ancient Past was when the first settlers came, over expanses of water, up to 60,000 years ago.  Isolated, they developed their own unique culture which is now rightfully called ‘the oldest continual culture on earth’.  Their ability to sustain themselves in the often harsh Australian landscapes can only be admired …. 

When the next phase of settlers came, the Europeans, they died of thirst and hunger, in places where the Aboriginal ‘First Nation’ peoples were perfectly at home.

The inevitable influx of fortune-seeking Europeans from the initial First Fleet of 1788 spread across the land, and formed another unique culture: Australian.  While initially English, there were large numbers of Scots and Irish settlers, seeking to escape the harsh social realities in their homelands. Soon, people from all corners of the globe were arriving, drawn by the potential for success and safety Australia’s fledgling nation offered. After the World Wars of the 20th century, and other humanitarian crisis which resulted in refugee influxes, Australia welcomed more & more diversity to its shores. 

Surveyors planning a railway in Queensland, circa 1890

The result of this is Australia as we see it today:  Original ancient Aboriginal culture, with British social stability and institutions, enhanced by Greeks, Italians, Germans, Scandinavians, and Asian arrivals, each with their own cultural background to add to the mix.  Australians are no longer exclusively any of these cultures – especially after a generation or two of children have grown up in this ‘new’ culture.  

Rather, Australia is a splendid mix of ‘people of the world’ – hopefully the best aspects of each culture. 

So let’s not get bogged down in invasions, or cultural clashes – Australian culture dictates everyone has a fair chance. Say G’day, and celebrate us for what we are – and dream of what we could be – 

Happy Australian Day !

Fresh Australiana

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