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Fresh Stock 20th July – Birds & More

Welcome to our latest ‘Fresh Stock’. We have an excellent selection for you , including a fine flock of bird-art, some stunning Victorian pieces,Ruby glass, and more silver.

Preview Graphic

First, a quick website tip: have you seen our new ‘PREVIEW’ section?
This area will be kept up-to-date with items currently being prepared for Fresh Stock.
Some pieces are more difficult to catalogue than others – in particular, the Art with the indistinct signature, and the Porcelain with no marks at all…. you’ll be able to see items that have just come in, and information added as they are researched. Finally, they will be released as a ‘Fresh Stock’ release.

Kookaburra Artwork c. 1907
Kookaburra Artwork c. 1907

Ornithological Delights

We have a group of Birds…. a flock, for sure. Some of these are prints, but others are original artworks. Several are the original painting from books on birds……. enjoy!

French ‘Cleopatra’ Clock, c.1895

Cleopatra French Clock 1895
‘Cleopatra’ French Clock, circa 1895

This impressive large & heavy clock is French, a fine example of the Egyptian Revival fashion of the late 19th century.
The top is dominated by a superb partially gilt bronze bust of Cleopatra, by the prominent French sculptor Eutrope, and the works are by the top Paris maker, Lemaire.


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