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Anglo-Indian Antiques & Art

Indian Antiques Group
Curated Collections
Indian Bronze Khandoba / Shiva, 19th century
Indian Bronze Khandoba / Shiva, 19th century

Indian Bronzes

‘Indian’ Silver

As the British enriched on Burma, they assimilated the artworks of Burma (Myanmar) into the category ‘Indian’. While the styles are vaguely similar, it is not a happy combination – the Burmese craftsmen had a long history before the British came, and it differs from the neighbouring ‘Indian’ styles.
For the sake of this Collection, we have maintained the ‘Indian’ umbrella term to cover what the British generally still call ‘Asia’ in a vague way, covering India and the neighbouring countries.

Indian Boxes

Anglo-Indian Art


The reverse of the ‘Wellington Shield’ ink sketch bears an image from Colonial India. See it here>>

Indian Alabaster

Anglo-Indian Furniture

Ceylonese / Sinhalese / Sri Lanka

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