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Moorabool's 2016 Catalogue of Fine Antique Ceramics

2016 Catalogue

a feast of fine ceramics
Birds by Antoine-Joseph Chappuis (aîné), 1765

Stunning Sèvres discovery, by Antoine-Joseph Chappuis (l’âiné), 1765

A SEVRES CUP AND SOCKETED SAUCER (GOBELET ET SOUCOUPE 'ENFONCE,' 1ERE GRANDEUR) The Royal French porcelain manufactory at Sèvres was well patronized by the French court,...

A First-Fleet connected Worcester Porcelain Discovery

For Australians, the First Fleet is the beginning of western culture and the foundation of our present society. Items connected with this remarkable period in...

An Important Swansea plate with Welsh subject, newly discovered….

An Important fresh discovery: Swansea Porcelain plate painted by Thomas Baxter with a Welsh subject, circa 1818   Produced for just a few short years in the early 19th century,...
Early Meissen figures

Our 2015 Exhibition is Live!

This past Saturday, Moorabool had a busy start to our 2015 Exhibition of Recent Acquisitions, with a good number of both people & sales....
Böttger porcelain cup, Meissen, circa 1715

From the Dawn of porcelain production in Europe….

......the 1st and the 2nd to exist in Europe......
Moorabool Antique Galleries catalogue 2015

Catalogue…… finished!

At last, the 2015 Moorabool catalogue is at the printers....
The Bard, Swansea porcelain by Thomas Baxter c. 1818

A Swansea plate with a Welsh subject, by Baxter, c.1818

The Bard plate, Swansea porcelain painted by Thomas Baxter , circa 1818.     Produced for just a few short years in the early 19th century, Welsh...
Early Minton Figure c.1825 Drink, or The Friar

It’s a funny thing….

Imagine… pre-TV, pre- internet, the family gathering around the piano to sing a jolly funny song about a friar that liked to drink a lot. What fun we miss out on these days!
18th century English porcelain pickle dishes

Exhibition & Catalogue Update

  We’ve been burning the midnight oil at Moorabool….. literally. Our 2015 Exhibition is now scheduled for March 28, and the lavish catalogue is well...

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