Sunday, February 18, 2018
Moorabool's 2016 Catalogue of Fine Antique Ceramics

2016 Catalogue

a feast of fine ceramics
Birds by Antoine-Joseph Chappuis (aîné), 1765

Stunning Sèvres discovery, by Antoine-Joseph Chappuis (l’âiné), 1765

A SEVRES CUP AND SOCKETED SAUCER (GOBELET ET SOUCOUPE 'ENFONCE,' 1ERE GRANDEUR) The Royal French porcelain manufactory at Sèvres was well patronized by the French court,...
Sulkowski Meissen Charger c. 1735-8

The Sulkowski Charger -purchased by the NGV

We have found a number of outstanding items over the years, and many of these have left Australia for distant shores. It's with great...
8 Pipers Piping

Christmas Fun!

It's almost Christmas.....  what a busy year it has been!  We've had some fun with our stock and we'd like to share it -...

A First-Fleet connected Worcester Porcelain Discovery

For Australians, the First Fleet is the beginning of western culture and the foundation of our present society. Items connected with this remarkable period in...

Over 2,000 items….

We've reached & passed 2,000 items listed on this site....  there is constant work being done behind the scenes, with fresh items uploaded almost...

An Important Swansea plate with Welsh subject, newly discovered….

An Important fresh discovery: Swansea Porcelain plate painted by Thomas Baxter with a Welsh subject, circa 1818   Produced for just a few short years in the early 19th century,...
Böttger porcelain cup, Meissen, circa 1715

From the Dawn of porcelain production in Europe….

......the 1st and the 2nd to exist in Europe......

A Yellow Sévres new discovery, 1788

A colourful Sévres coffee can & saucer has a fascinating tale to tell, and is an as-yet unpublished clue that helps to identify a...
George Hendrik Breitner, (1857-1923)

A Dutch Impressionist painting, G.H. Breitner, c.1885

G. H. Breitner is an important Dutch artist of the late 19th/ early 20th century. Perhaps he is best known for his close association...

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