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Fresh Stock – Fine Continental and English Ceramics

A wonderful selection of Vienna, Meissen, Sevres and other finely decorated ceramics for your perusal!
Mainly 18th century, you’ll find Bow, Worcester & Caughley, plus some French & German – but in particular, a fine selection of early Vienna porcelain.

This group of Vienna is a part-set, with just 3 pieces remaining – beautifully painted with flower panels on dark ‘earthy’ grounds, they are individual masterpieces in their own right!

Vienna Flower Painting 1785
Vienna Flower Painting 1785

The vienna is original 18th century; the Sevres cup & saucer, shown at the top & in detail here, is 18th century porcelain, but was decorated in the 19th century – by a very skilled artist. Stunning!

Sevres Cup Saucer cherubs
Cherubs with a goat…. 19th century decoration
Sevres Cup Saucer
Superb quality.

Bow Blue

The Bow pieces in today’s ‘Fresh’ are rather fine examples of their early products of the 1750’s. The blue is a distinct lovely rich deep tone. The fluid quality of the painting is superb – echoing the imported Chinese Export wares of the period, but in their own way. The large charger has a number of very unusual features, including the central pagoda with its buttressed supports, and the speedy boat at lower left, piloted by a hunched over figure in the stern, the movement shown by a radiating wake!

Each piece has a damage – the charger a factory flaw to the central tree, the punchbowl a chip & crack to rim restored – hence their tempting prices, $1650 on the charger and $850 on the punchbowl.

Today’s Fresh Additions

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