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Fresh stock, mid- September

Antique Pewter at Moorabool Antiques, Geelong

We have a lot of Fresh Stock to share with you!


There’s a charm to this mellow, often battered metal. Popular in the past, today it’s purely a decorative item – not suitable for food as it contains a lot of lead.

It’s a perfect compliment to aged Oak furniture.

Natural History

Moorabool has a fantastic collection of ‘Natural History’ to offer – Fossils, Minerals, Seashells & other Natural Wonders. They form our ‘Cabinet of Curios’.
You’ll find a new ‘Natural History’ page we have just created dedicated to this collecting field: a small number of items are available, with a huge number still being prepared – if it’s of interest, drop back regularly to see the latest additions.


We have some spectacular Fossil specimens – these are very large examples of their type, and being rare, are more expensive.
Alongside, there are always super-affordable examples; check out the ‘Under $50’ section of Natural History, a great place to find a unique present for the ‘person with everything’…. do they have a genuine Dinosaur Tooth? (starting at $25!)

Fossils UNDER $50


We are preparing a ‘Print Gallery’ to display our extensive stock of Antique Prints. Organized into handy groups by techniques (Etchings, Engravings, Woodblocks) dates, and subject matters, you will be able to browse through over 1,000 interesting examples by the time we have finished – although that may take some time!
Fresh Prints added constantly.

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