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Fresh Stock – ‘Drama’ – and Flowers….

Shakespeare Ceramics
Theatrical Antiques
Theatrical Antiques

There’s a lot of Drama in today’s ‘Fresh Stock’….. we have a Theatrical special for you!

There’s also a NEW ‘Curated Collection’ dedicated to items relating to Literature and The Stage. You’ll find all the usual suspects – Shakespeare, Burns, Dickens – plus some other fascinating aspects of what we now call ‘pop culture’.

You’ll also find a selection of lovely flower decorated pieces including a remarkable ‘inkwell’, shaped like a Roman oil lamp, covered in flowers & gold…. an oddity, if used as an inkwell the quills unbalance the whole thing. However, we have another explanation that makes perfect sense, especially when considering the decoration of this beautiful example – have a look at the lamp’s page to see what we have worked out –

Coalport Roman Oil Lamp
Coalport ‘Roman’ Oil Lamp, of uncertain usage, circa 1820. Click to see our new idea about how this was used….

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